Arangetram and Launch of Naatyaanjali

Arangetram and Launch of Naatyaanjali

After 7 years of conducting Bharathanatyam classes and performances, Naatyaanjali (Offering the Arts) was officially launched by Mr. Vikram Nair (Member of Parliament, Sembawang GRC) on 14 December 2013. On the same day, Naatyaanjali conducted its first Bharathanatya Arangetram in Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel.

An arangetram is an on-stage performance of a student after undertaking several years of training. Aranga means raised stage and etram means climbing thus Arangetram literally means climbing the stage. This thus represents the graduation ceremony when the pupil is presented to the public.

Naatyaanjali invite

Naatyaanjali Invitation

This 3-hour event was a “4 in 1”.

1. Arangetram

First, there were 9 expressive, colourful and vibrant Bharatha Natyam dance pieces presented by Ms Hema Sivanathan and choreographed by Ms Jeyanthi Arumuganathan. The items were:

Nataraja Anjali
Alarippu (tisra ekam)
Simhavahini Sri Rajeswari
Yaeru Mayil Yaeri Vilaiyaadum
Nenjil Uramumindri by Mahakavi Bharathiyaar
Karunai Deivamae Karpagamae
Mangalam (This was specially written by Tamil Poet Kaaviyan Muthuthaasan, Mr P Wigneshwaran.)

The Musicians comprised of Ms Jeyanthi Arumuganathan (Choreographer and Nattuvangam), Ms Aditi Gopinathan (Singer), Mr Madras Kajan (Mridangam), Mr G Manikantan (Violin) and Mr Ghanavenothan Retnam (Flute).

Arangetram magazine
Arangetram team
Prayers before performance
During varnam
Playing the veena
Mahishasura Mardini
During the performance
Offerings to Nataraja
Seeking blessings
Murugan on Mayil
Murugan and Valli scene
Thank you speech with family
Fulfilling a father's dream
Blessing from teacher
Musicians and Choreographer
Dancer with Guest-of-Honour

2. Launch of Naatyaanjali

Naatyaanjali (Offering the Arts) was officially launched by Mr Vikram Nair at the completion of all 9 items.

Before the launch, students of Naatyaanjali walked in with the Anjali mudra (which signifies offering) to a composition written by Tamil Poet Kaaviyan Muthuthaasan, Mr P Wigneshwaran and composed by Mr Ghanavenothan Retnam. Mr Nair did the honours by unveiling the Naatyaanjali plaque.

Opening speech by Principal
Presentation of garland
Launch of Naatyaanjali
Naatyaanjali (Offering the Arts)
Congratulations by Guest-of-Honour
Launch of Naatyaanjali group photo

3. Graduation Ceremony

The completion of Hema’s Arangetram was marked by Naatyaanjali presenting Hema with her Certificate of Achievement.  Congratulations Hema! You fulfilled your dad’s dream of your Arangetram against all odds.

4. Charity was not forgotten

Wherever possible, Naatyaanjali would incorporate a “help others” element into our activities. We did that this time too. We sourced for donations to benefit Handicaps Welfare Association. We succeeded by collecting $1,263.20!

14 Dec 2013 marked a very significant milestone in the history of Naatyaanjali and in Hema’s life.

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