Bharathanatyam Dance Examinations in May 2015

Naatyaanjali’s first Bharathanatyam Dance Examinations in May 2015

Naatyaanjali launched its first theory and practical dance examinations in May 2015.

The examination date was kept a secret till the actual day. This was done so to test how much the students could remember from the discussions during lessons without advanced extensive preparations. Interestingly, they remembered more than what their Teacher had expected of them. Well done students!

Students had to answer open-ended questions during theory examination. They were tested on areas such as origin & pioneers of bharathanatyam, dhyana slokam, thatinamaskaram.  During practical examination, students were individually tested on their aramandi and execution of various adavus and muthras (hand gestures) that they had already learnt.

The examinations enabled the students and their Parents to better understand the areas of strengths and weaknesses. In general, students were advised to improve on the various postures especially aramandi. Some were advised to revise their muthras. Parents and students were made to work together to obtain the correct answers from for the questions that were answered incorrectly. Parents welcomed this idea as it provided an opportunity for Parents to better understand what their children were learning in class.


Principal distributing report cards to students


Principal with best students (May 2015)

  • Best in Theory – Tharani

Tharani (Best in Theory-May 2015)

  • Best in Practical – Prsha

Prsha (Best in Practical-May 2015)

It was truly touching to see the esprit de corps (sense of unity) among the students. They even encouraged each other to do even better at the next examination.

We are delighted to announce that our students fared very well!

Well done Naatyaanjalis! We are very proud of you!


November 2015 

The next theory and practical examinations would be held in November 2015.

Please continue to work hard and excel!

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