Fantastic 2016

Reliving an Fantastic 2016

We achieved more than what we had planned for 2016!! Keep it up everyone!

(A) First parents-teacher meet session on 2 Jan 2016

We commenced 2016 with our very first parents-teacher meet session on 2 Jan 2016. Plans and objectives for 2016 were discussed and agreed upon. Thereafter, 7 students were rewarded for doing well in areas such as theory, practical, stage performances. We even had 2 students obtaining awards for most consistent throughout the year and most helpful students. Details of this session can be found @ Exciting 2015


(B) Performances

i) Vasantha Utsavam on 24 May 2016

Naatyaanjali’s first performance in Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple.

Lord Perumal blessed Naatyaanjali with an opportunity to perform in the annual Vasantha Utsavam at Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple on 24 May 2016. This was Naatyaanjali’s first performance in Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple.

We commenced our performance by paying respects to Lord Ganesha and then proceeded onto various items on HIM as well as HIS Consort Mahalakshmi. We even had two little Krishnas perform with their Gopikas. We ended our performance with a mangalam on HIS ten avathaarams (dasavathaarams).


Krishna with His Gopikas
Posing as Ganesha
Patiently awaiting their turn to perform
The stage at Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple
Ganesha pose in Jaya Jaya Sura
Thubikkaiyaanae beautifully depicted in Jaya Jaya Sura
Oh Ganesha in Ganesha Kautuvam
Oh Krishna in Alaipayuthey
Perumal's Consort Mahalakshmi
Supportive audience awaiting the next item
Oh Lord Shiva, the fiery One
Awaiting the start of Pushpanjali
Oh Ganapathayae, the One with elephant ears
We surrender to You!
Only You can lead me...
Shangu Chakranae, Lord Perumal
Oh handsome Lord Perumal
I can't describe Your beauty, Oh Lord
Is that You oh Krishna..
I meditate upon You
Krishna with His flute
Devotee searching for HIM
Cute little Krishnas
Gopikas getting ready with kolatam
Half-way through kolatam
Oh what disgusting behaviour in Nenjil Uramumindri
Stop talking and learn to listen
In search of The One
Silence and search within
Be silent
Dasaavathaarams finale
Closure of performance
Naatyaanjali's Principal receiving a token of appreciation
Receiving blessings at the sanctum


(ii) Navarathiri

Nava means nine and rathiri means nights. Navarathiri is the period when the nine forms of Devi are worshipped.

Naatyaanjali performed on 8 and 9 Nov 2016 in Sri Ruthra Kaliamman Temple and Sri Muneeswaran Temple respectively for Navarathiri. Students gathered as early as 6pm and by 7pm they were raring to go. We performed for an hour each on both days.

Students have been performing annually for Navarathiri. It was heartwarming to watch them grow over the years as they come out of their comfort zone and push themselves to learn and perform new challenging items. Students from the 9am class performed 3 items. That’s a significant improvement, from 1 item in the past years to 3 items now. The very young ones from the 10am class went on stage for the first time and performed a pushpanjali. From always performing in a group, students from 11am class did a solo performance for 4 items.


@ Sri Muneeswaran Temple

Preparations before the show
Perfecting the eye makeup
Students queuing for their turn
Senior student helping others
Sri Muneeswaran Temple Stage
Parents adorning dance accessories
Final checks on costume and accessories
Briefing before the show
Waiting patiently for commencement of show
Final minute photo-taking by excited mothers
Students' offering via Pushpanjali
Adorning the anklets during Ganesha Kautuvam
Thrisoolam depicted during Ganesha Kautuvam
Lord Nataraja pose in Natesha Kautuvam
Getting ready with Pushpanjali by the junior Naatyaanjalis
Ending in a lotus formation in Pushpanjali
Shivalingam depicted in Aangkikam Bhuvanam
Posing during Pushpanjali
Ending theermaanam during Pushpanjali
Oh Krishna in Geethaupadesham
Krishna - the One who adorns the feather
Krishna and HIS Consort in Alaipayuthey
Searching for Krishna
Krishna pose in Alaipayuthey
Why Krishna? Why are YOU indifferent?
Blessings from Mahalakshmi
Gathering at the end of the performance
Teacher distributing goodies after a good show! Well done Children...

@ Sri Ruthra Kaliamman Temple

De-brief before the performance
Dancer eagerly awaiting her turn
Ganesha's trunk depicted in Ganesha Kautuvam
Offering the flowers in Pushpanjali
I have seen HIM oh Krishna!
Paying obeisance via Pushpanjali
Oh Baby Krishna in Geethaupadesham
You are Always there for us, oh Mahalakshmi
Working as a team in Pushpanjali
Always be with me Oh Shiva
Ending with Anjali (Naatyaanjali's symbol)
Beautiful Kolu in Sri Ruthra Kaliamman Temple
Teacher receiving blessings on behalf of Naatyaanjali


(iii) Vijayadasami

Vijayadasami is the day when the victory of the good over the evil after nine days of worship is cherished.

Vijayadasami was on 11 Oct 2016. As it was a weekday, Naatyaanjali celebrated Vijayasadami on 15 Oct 2016. We held a small prayer for Lord Nataraja followed by respects extended to the Teacher Jeyanthi Arumuganathan by the students.


Naatyaanjali's Vijayadasmi prayers
Oh Lord of Dance, Lord Nataraja
Teacher conducting Vijayadasmi prayers
Explaining the meaning of Vijayadasmi
Students doing their own prayers
Offering their respects
Students praying together
Parents joining in the prayers
A shot with Naatyaanjali's senior students
Junior Naatyaanjalis posing with Anjali muthra (Naatyaanjali's symbol)
Group photo after prayers
Receiving blessings from the Teacher
Little ones rushing for goodies
Chocolates bring on the smiles


(C) Exams

Theory and practical exams were held for all classes on 5 and 12 Nov 16. No mid-year exam was held in May this year.


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